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Just a little bit about me…. I love my job. I love making people feel and look amazing and I love great wedding hair and great wedding make-up. I feel very lucky to be in the position that I am where I can be part of a bride’s special day by making her look even more beautiful than she already is.


I work mainly with brides for their wedding day but have done lots of commercial work for various clients including lifestyle magazines Vantage and Epicurean Life, I’ve worked at The Brits, Britain’s Next Top Model, The Ministry of Sound, Dazed & Confused and TKMaxx.


I’ve been doing hair and make-up for over 12 years now, training in hairdressing initially at Carshalton College in Surrey, and make-up with renowned artist Louise Constad at her Beauty School in London. Both seem like a long time ago now!

I enjoy testing new products, styles or looks when I think of new things and am always keen to learn new tips and tricks. If my schedule allows it I’ll always try to attend regular hair styling training, MAC make-up Masterclasses or even assisting other artists to keep me up to date on the latest trends and techniques.


I like to pride myself on the fact that I’m a pretty approachable person that is always friendly, calm under pressure and a complete perfectionist who works hard to get the job done and on time!

As well as enjoying a fairly active lifestyle outside of making people look beautiful, I have my other job which is my absolute love – being mum to my two gorgeous boys Finn and Woody. (It’s them that keep me active really).




A little background information on what to expect at your trial.

So how do you want to look on your big day? No idea? Have something in mind but not sure? Have a scrap book or Pinterest page full of pictures? Or do you know exactly what you want? Whichever category you’re in, it’s always advisable to have a trial before your actual wedding day. What some brides think is a ‘natural’ look is another bride’s full-on made-up look and we need to get it right by meeting each other at least once! After an initial phone call or email to make sure I’m available on your wedding day, I’ll suggest some dates to book in a trial which will be held wherever you want it to be – usually your own home or a parent’s place. I’m more than happy for you to bring along your bridesmaid(s)/mother/friend so you have another opinion, but make sure you’re able to ultimately decide for yourself what it is you like!


Collect some pictures of brides’ hairstyles and make-up looks from magazines or try searching on Google or even better, create a ‘board’ on Pinterest. These will not only show me the sort of ‘look’ you’re after it will give me a sense of your style and what you want to achieve. Have a look at some inspirational bridal looks that I have on my Pinterest page, it’ll give you a sense of my style too and what I think looks beautiful. Having said all of that, please be realistic, pictures from magazines of certain hair and or make-up are fantastic, but it won’t make you look like the girl in the picture! However, working with each other you will look beautiful and feel amazing, I have no doubt about that.

Trial day

When I meet you for the first time I like to let you do the talking. I want you to tell me what it is you’re after, tell me all about your plans – your colour theme, your flowers, what your bridesmaids or flower girls are wearing, your venue, your dress (if I’m allowed to know), all of this information is invaluable to me and it gives me a great sense of who you are and what you like or dislike. We’ll talk about what you have in mind for your look and go through what will and won’t work.


Come to the trial with no make-up on if you possibly can, it just makes it easier for me to start the trial promptly. I know it’s not always possible if you’ve been somewhere before though so don’t worry as I will always carry make-up cleansers in my kit. I believe the key to getting that ‘flawless’ look is good skin so I carry with me beauty essentials by organic skin brand Origins to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin if you need it, however I know most brides will already have a beauty regime organised – it’s there if we need it. My only advice is to drink lots of water well in advance of your big day to hydrate your skin. As well as looking at pictures you may have, we can talk about what make-up you usually wear and how much, and whether you want to wear false lashes which are of no extra charge – I use the individual ones that are easy to remove at the end of the day which are great, you can’t feel them and they can even stay on for a few days if you’re careful. A lot of brides have the 6-week lashes which require no mascara at all – this isn’t something I provide, it’s something brides will have had done prior to the day. One less thing to worry about on the big day! I will also advise you on what products I use on you so you’re able to purchase for those touch-ups on the day should you want them. And for those wondering, I use only professional make-up brands including Chanel foundations, Bobbi Brown concealers, MAC, Nars and Laura Mercier to name a few.


We’ll talk about how you wear your hair on a day-to-day basis, whether you would prefer it up and out of the way for the whole day or whether you’re happier with it down, (this could depend on the time of year you’re getting married). It’s at the trial where you can tell me if you’ll be wearing a veil, tiara or any other head piece, or if you’re undecided at that point I’m happy to give my advice or opinion. Not many brides have their veils ready at the time of the trial which isn’t a problem – I do carry a sample veil in ‘my kit’ that gives a sense of what it will look like and where it will sit on your head, especially if we’re pinning your hair up. If I’m honest, I think a bride’s hair always looks more sophisticated and elegant when it’s her own but we all need a little help with some things occasionally! If that is the case we can chat about hair pieces to lengthen, thicken or change a look at the trial. This may involve another meeting to colour-match your hair however I’m likely to suggest you buy your own clip-in pieces so that you’re happy with them – I can work with whatever you have and am happy to point you in the right direction of where to purchase. Have a look at my Black Book page for recommendations.

Photo evidence

Once we’ve finished a ‘look’, I like to take a few informal pictures, (on my iPhone, or yours) not only to show you how you look from different angles but also for you to refer to once I’m gone. I know what I’m like and would want to have a look at myself in different lights and take a few shots of myself to see how I’m going to look to others. It will also show how different you can look in a photo. There’s a happy medium we need to achieve between looking great to others in real-life, (you are the centre of attention after all) and looking fabulous in your photos, (you may need that little bit more blusher than you’re used to, to show off those cheek-bones!).


The best time to have a trial is whenever you’re ready! The only thing to think of is if your big day is a year down the line and you’re growing your hair so you can do more with it, then let’s do it a bit nearer the time, likewise with a colour, if you will be having a drastic change or even highlights (for the first time) and you don’t think you can visualise everything until you’ve had it done, then maybe book something for after. An even better thing to do is try and book your dress fitting on the day of your trial so you’ll get to see the overall look! Please allow 3-4 hours for a hair AND make-up trial – less if you’re after just one of the services. We can talk about timings for your wedding day i.e. what time you need to be ready and what time I should arrive once you’ve confirmed what you want and if there are any other members of the bridal party wanting anything done. Should there be a big number of you in the party wanting my services, and depending on times on the day, I have an assistant that I can bring along to help me get everybody ready in time but that’s something we can talk about and confirm after the trial.


After the trial, I am always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have and any change of heart decisions as to what you thought you liked and now don’t. If that is the case, it may be advisable to book another trial to get it right but talking through any tweaks is fine and I’m never offended! That’s what a trial is all about after all.

Other people in the bridal party

If you think other members of your bridal party would like their hair and/or make-up done on your wedding day then they are more than welcome to book a trial in too. I’m also happy to meet and chat to them at YOUR trial if they just need a little guidance.


Once the trial is complete and you’ve confirmed all the details for the day with me, I will send you an email confirming the work to be completed by me, the date, time I’ll be arriving at your venue/where you’ll be getting ready, the time you need to be ready by and the total cost.


Payment for the trial is to be paid on the day of the trial either by cash or online bank transfer, (I can give you the details on the day), and for your wedding day I ask for a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure the booking, and the remaining cost to be paid the week prior to your big day or cash on the day if you prefer.


If you’d like to book a trial please email or call me on 07834 206385.