Gill East • Hair and Make-up | Bride Kimberley : Wedding hair and make-up
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Bride Kimberley : Wedding hair and make-up

gill east hair and makeup

Bride Kimberley : Wedding hair and make-up

Bride Kimberley : Wedding hair and make-up

Wedding hair

Lovely Kimberley was a pleasure to work with. She has mid-length shoulder length hair and a fair amount of it. Normally worn in a straight longish bob with no fringe, Kimberley wasn’t too sure what it was she wanted and how she could make herself look and feel wedding special without compromising her own comfort and style. Just curling her hair would have made it look pretty short and well, not like her so we opted for an up do with a few wispy strands falling down to look natural. I backcombed Kimberley’s hair all over with a bristle comb and then smoothed it on the outside while brushing it into place to be pinned for a french pleat. It was pinned into position and sprayed with firm hold hairspray so it lasted the whole day.

Wedding make-up

Kimberley had amazing false individual eyelashes already applied prior to her wedding day. They were thick, long and very dark!

Main products used:

Bobbi Brown pro lip palette using Beige Gold lipstick

Urban Decay Naked palette ‘Naked’ base colour on eyelids

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette Dark Brown in socket

Bobbi Brown gel eye liner in Caviar Ink, used on top lid and bottom water line

Benefit Hula bronzer on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead

MAC Dark Rose blush


Jo Sweeny Photography


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