Gill East • Hair and Make-up | Luxury bridal fashion shoot at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire
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Luxury bridal fashion shoot at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire

Luxury bridal fashion shoot at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire

Luxury bridal fashion shoot at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire

What an amazing, beautiful wedding venue! …At the end of July I was asked by my friend and top stylist Elaine Deed if I would like to do the hair and make-up for a bridal photoshoot she was putting together, (with photographer Darren Paul) for the hotels’s own luxury lifestyle magazine, erm ‘Stoke Park’ – my answer, yes please!

The brief? A high-fashion, glamorous and sophisticated look for all the readers of Epicurean Life that have a lot of money! (I’m sure I heard right when somebody said one of the dresses we used was something like £30k and the engagement ring borrowed from exclusive jewellers David Marshall was £17k! Oh, and there was a beautiful and rather expensive convertible Bentley (car) by the tune of £300k in there somewhere too). So yeah, a pretty high-end photoshoot was going to happen…

A Hollywood hair do

So the day came and it was great weather, in fact a photographer’s dream because it was dry and sunny with a few clouds. In fact, the clouds were amazing as you’ll see in the pics. The model, (Saasha @ Leni’s Models – no I haven’t misspelt that) was gorgeous, and had fantastic hair! I got to work straight away with the GHDs curling Saasha’s hair which took an age as she had thick, long hair. Because of this, I was pinning each curl up so as not to let it ‘drop’ as much before we started to shoot. I used a GHD curling spray which I sprayed on each piece of hair first and sprayed each curl with Elnett hairspray once it was pinned in place. Pinning in place also meant it gave the hair a chance to cool down and ‘set’.

Pretty in Pink eye make-up

After Saasha’s hair was pinned in place, (leaving it in to set) I got to work on her make-up which was going to consist of pretty pinks and some false lashes to give it the extra oomph for the pictures. I used my favourite Chanel foundation, (Perfection Lumiere) which glided on Saasha’s skin lovely and a MAC eyeshadow palette, (Veluxe PearlFusion Shadow in PlumLuxe) which has matt and pearlised finish eyeshadows in frosty white, pink, lavender and dark purples. A great palette for that day to night look too if you suit those colours! I used my Art Line Christian Dior pen in black to line Saasha’s top eyelids right next to her lashes and to give it the Hollywood glam look with a little flick at the end. Shu Uemera’s popular Flare false eyelashes in a partial format were used too to give extra volume!

So once the make-up was finished, I took all the pins out of Saasha’s hair and loosely brushed through using a wide-toothed comb, I sprayed a shine spray by Bed Head on and teased the ‘waves’ into place. Bridal head pieces by Camilla Carrington were used which were amazing! (I’m loving floral or beaded ‘crowns’ for brides at the moment – so now!)

For those wondering “is that it?” for my part of the job, then the answer is “no”! There’s an awful lot of pressure, (time constraints), re-applying, being on set to ‘powder’ noses and re-adjusting hair that’s sticking to the model’s lips because of the sticky lipstick etc etc to deal with! When I get a chance I’ll put together a post on ‘A Day in the Life of being on a photoshoot’. But for now, here are the pics from this one…

Love these. So much fun to work on too.
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