Gill East • Hair and Make-up | My lovely friend Louise’s hair and make-up for her Denbies wedding
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My lovely friend Louise’s hair and make-up for her Denbies wedding

My lovely friend Louise’s hair and make-up for her Denbies wedding

My lovely friend Louise’s hair and make-up for her Denbies wedding


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Not that every bride isn’t special but I have to say that this gorgeous bride was particularly special – to me anyway. Ya see Louise is one of my dearest and oldest friends and it was her time to have a bit of sparkly bride time and I was very honoured she chose me to help her out! It meant loads to me because Lou, (as she’s known to most of her mates) has A LOT of very good girl friends and I was going to be the one to see her on the morning of her wedding – that special time when a bride is feeling all of the emotions under the sun before her big moment – excited, nervous, anxious, scared, happy, sad (for loved ones that cannot be there). It’s a pretty important few hours and one that I was more than happy to help Lou get through by doing her hair and make-up… I’ll be honest though, a couple of glasses of Prosecco and she was relaxed alright, singing along to 80’s tunes while I tried my hardest to apply her eye make-up!


Lou didn’t want a veil and wasn’t sure how to have her hair but after doing a trial and placing a decorative ‘alice band’ on she knew instantly that she needed something like that to make her feel like a ‘bride’ otherwise she felt too ‘plain’. That was that then, with a week to go she was online shopping for the perfect accessory while I carried on placing kirby grips in her hair.  Lou went traditional with her hair pinned in barrel curls at the nape of her neck with a bit of height at the crown. Her sparkly hair band was delicate and simple, placed centrally on a parting before the ‘puffy’ height started. She’s always been a centre parting girl so we kept that instead of doing something that wasn’t ‘her’. Front pieces fell around her face softening the look.

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Lou doesn’t wear much make-up, if any at times. She has fair skin and at the moment very long, dark tinted lashes that she got by using something called LiLash, an eyelash stimulater which I’d normally be sceptical about but oh my, Lou’s lashes looked amazing!  So I used Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere foundation which has great staying power, Rimmel Colour Mousse Eye Shadow, also claims to stay put for 8 hours. I used some false Eyelure individual lashes on the outer edge of Lou’s eyes, some NARS blush in ‘Orgasm’ and she used her own lip colour (so she could re-touch later in the day). A bit of MAC translucent powder, Benefit‘s Hula bronzer and some slight eyebrow definition and she was good to go!

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