Gill East • Hair and Make-up | Bride Abby gets married at Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth
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Bride Abby gets married at Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth

Bride Abby gets married at Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth

Bride Abby gets married at Hartsfield Manor in Betchworth.

I was quite nervous about this job because Abby is a friend of my sister’s and I know her a little bit. When I know someone personally, even a little bit, it makes me feel nervous, not because I won’t be able to do the job but because I want it to be that little bit extra special for them! Every bride is special of course…

Abby was the perfect client, she knew what she wanted but was able to listen to any things I may have suggested or advised. Her style was classic with a hint of vintage, soft and natural, all the things I love!


Abby’s hair is not only a gorgeous, shiny very dark brown colour, it is also thick so I had lots of hair to work with which was great. She went for a low chignon-type bun with a little bit of height at the crown and lots of hair down at the front to frame her face which was given a gentle curl so it looked like it had fallen out of it’s own accord.


Abby’s dark brown eyes were perfect to make-up with some almost black eyeliner on her waterline (inside bottom lashes) and a softer black line on her lid which defined the shape of her eyes and made the whites ‘pop’. It wasn’t also too dissimilar to her usual make-up making her feel very comfortable.

Congratulations Abby!

Photos by Murray Clarke Wedding and Portrait Photography

Abby & Chad (683x1024) Wedding-Photographer-Hartsfield-Manor-Surrey-Abby-Chad-Hi-Res-143 (1024x683) Wedding-Photographer-Hartsfield-Manor-Surrey-Abby-Chad-Hi-Res-119 (1024x1024) Wedding-Photographer-Hartsfield-Manor-Surrey-Abby-Chad-Hi-Res-68 (683x1024) Wedding-Photographer-Hartsfield-Manor-Surrey-Abby-Chad-Hi-Res-34 (1024x683)


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