Gill East • Hair and Make-up | Kensington Roof Gardens | Natalie Hawes
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Kensington Roof Gardens | Natalie Hawes

Kensington Roof Gardens | Natalie Hawes

Kensington Roof Gardens | Natalie Hawes

I had the pleasure of working with pretty, petite Natalie who chose a hair up style.  We had a couple of sessions on previous occasions to see what would work because Natalie was used to wearing her very long, thick hair down most days. At first it was definitely up, then it was let’s see what it looks like down and blow-dried, then she went back to an up do, pinned in a loose (but secure) bun at the back of her head (as opposed to the side) with side pieces pinned to give a natural up do and not a ‘slick’ style. Her side fringe sat long giving a soft feel around her face. We got ready at The Ampersand Hotel then she got a car to Kensington Roof Gardens where her ceremony and reception were held.

Make-up was simple with defined eyes and a few lashes. Natalie surprised me on the day by bringing out a fabulous Chanel red lipstick which she’d decided to go for – and indeed it did look fabulous!

Watch this space for the professional photos, but while we wait here’s a sneaky peek of what she looked like.

Kensington Roof Gardens Natalie Hawkins

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